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If this post is still up, it means there are no non-scammers offering hacking services online. If you email me asking, the answer will be the same. Just updating the blog again to stay relevant in search results. Also, if you have been ripped off by other hacker for hire services, including Neighborhood Hacker, feel free to shoot me an email at scammedbynhh[at]yahoo. I neglected this blog because I stopped looking for legitimate hackers as I found none. Nearly all are scammers. Also please do not contact me asking if I have any recommendations or can provide a hacking service.

The answer is no to both questions. When I was scammed, NHH was still taking credit and debit cards. It seems like they have updated recently perhaps in the past half year or so and only take bitcoin because people were filing chargebacks after they realized they got scammed. I will keep saying this over and over.

Unless you receive proof of hacking, do not send any money! I sent him the questionnaire in the previous post, and here are his responses below, although he would like to remain anonymous. I found them by google search, they appeared on the top of the page. What finally made you decide to hire them for their services? I saw their website looks like a respectable website as it has strict conditions and terms and beautiful graphics with some YouTube videos, as well as they have put some fake good reviews and comments and there was no any bad comment, in addition to that their website is on the top of the google search, and their live costumer support chat, they were answering me instantly!.

Were there any red flags or were you sure they were legitimate? Yes, his name was Maddison Thomas, he claimed that he is the Team Manager. I filled out a confidentiality agreement form Docusignthey asked for my name and electronic signature.

And another form which asks for information they needed me to provide them with, to let them solve my problem. What kind of general service did you request if you feel comfortable answering and how much did you pay? I requested them to let me know who is the real person behind a fake Facebook profile which was annoying me. Were you instructed to pay the full amount or just partially?

I was instructed to pay partial amount, in addition to consultation fee. How well did NHH communicate with you before you paid your retainer? They were responding to me instantly. How well did NHH communicate with you after you paid your retainer?

They stopped responding to me at all.

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When did you start to realize something was wrong, and did you ask NHH for a refund? If yes, how did they respond? Did you attempt to confront NHH by calling or using the chat function? If yes, how was your experience? Yes, I went to their website trying to reach them from the same costumer support live chat, but unfortunately, this chat was no longer available to me.

And when I called them on their number provided on the website, only a machine-answer answered me asked me to leave a voicemail! Have you decided to pursue any other means of retrieving your money and was it successful? If you are interested, please contact me at scammedbynhh[at]yahoo.

How did you find Neighborhood Hacker?We are a professional hackers team. Our main aim is to provide fast, secure and guaranted professional hacking services. Our exceptional true hacking skills made us 1! We keep your risk at 0 level! You never need to be scared of lossing your money. Not satisfied with our services? Well, We will refund you! Our Hackers for hire team not here to play game, we are not skiddy. We are professional hacker team!

If unsuccessful refunded, No Questions asked! More than 2 Billion peoples use Facebook. It is now important meeting place for these peoples.

Want to hack or recover Facebook from bad hackers? We can help you. Our professional hackers team can hack almost any email accounts. Gmail, Yahoo, hotmail within 5 days! Hack any accounts! Hire a professonal email hacker! Our professional central hacker team offering two type of phone hacking service, Android and iOS. Our Ethical Hackers can hack any smartphone within 7 days remotely!

If you need to control a PC remotely then this is the service you need. Take control of your server system or the personal computer! This is not a malicious service but powerfull! Our hackers for hire team highly skilled in website or database hacking. We can pentest any website or server for you. Hire a professional hacker for website or database hacking. Someone harrasing you online? No problem! Our hacker for hire team can take care of it and help you to fix problem.

We can do our best to remove any Link,comments against you! We offer wide range of professional hacking services. Want to hire a real hacker? See Hacker for Hire news!

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Want to hire a hacker to spy your android or iphone? Here is the best phone hacker features For Legal purpose! It Monitors incoming or Outgoing calls,Messages. Even All calls can be recorded for later reviewing! Phone hacker for hire! Our Mobile spy software can track exact location accurately.Phone hacking is the practice of intercepting Electronic mail email is a widely used communication mechanism on internet, hire email hacker for email accesses. Email can be categorized into two basic types of web-based service i.

When creating a profile on any social network, many people fail to consider the possible threats and security risks of personal Our team focuses on security mechanisms of computer and network systems and we do not prefer social engineering, hence we provide quick service and our results are fast and as a team of professionals we keep privacy and confidentiality to our consumers. Our Services include : a.


Email Hacker b. Social media Hacker c. Database Hacker d. Mobile Phone Hacker. Our Mission Hacking generally used by various companies to check protection of there application, they allow hackers to find loopholes in software system and try to gain access to system in any manner to prevent security threats.

Hire hacker to make your system more secure as attacks on web increases as time progresses. We can also help to prevent confidentiality of mobile phone and email data by trying different methods to get into mobile phone and email accounts.

Web database in most vulnerable to attack because it contains more secure data, many companies hire hacker to make there database safe from security point of view.

You can hire our team by contacting us or by emailing us at [email protected] Just go to our contact page and hire our hackers now and will get back to you immediately. Hire Email Hacker Electronic mail email is a widely used communication mechanism on internet, hire email hacker for email accesses. Mobile Phone Hacker Our Mission Hacking generally used by various companies to check protection of there application, they allow hackers to find loopholes in software system and try to gain access to system in any manner to prevent security threats.Powered by WOTa global community of millions of users who rate websites based on their own experiences to help other users against scams, untrustworthy links and rogue web stores.

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No Rating. Recently Checked Incest-porno.The cat's out of the bag for about 60 Australians who thought they could anonymously rent a hacker from a website to do their dirty work. If you've used the hacker-for-hire site Hacker's List to contract out a hack job then your name, address and the reasons why you sought a hacker are now available on the web, potentially exposing you to legal action. Hacker's List launched last November with the assurance that "only you and your hacker for hire know the details of your project".

A New York Times report in January highlighted that people across the world, from Sweden to Australia, were using it to anonymously request hacker services. Some jobs were legal, others were clearly not, such as one from an Australian who wanted to hack a business rival's customer database.

Would-be buyers appear to have assumed that job descriptions they gave on the site couldn't be linked to information that would reveal their identity. But last week security researcher Jonathan Mayer discovered the site was in fact leaking information that linked buyers' names and addresses to job descriptions, which may ultimately reveal who they are and their motivation for seeking a hacker. It's also culminated in a potentially embarrassing list that should make anyone think twice before hiring a hacker online.

Among thousands of job requests are tasks from dozens of Australians. Some simply wanted to regain access to their own accounts, while others wanted to change their grades.

Not surprisingly, some wanted to spy on spouses. An enterprising user from Western Australia called "Jarmaa" sought a "semi-unethical hacker" to hack into the database behind the Tertiary Institutions Service Centre's website tisc. It is simply to help someone beat a flawed system to advance in higher education," wrote Jarmaa. Another person from NSW said they wanted a rival's customer database.

The job requests from Australians are typical of those made from people in other parts of the world. Mayer began looking into the site after Charles Tendell, who calls himself an ethical hacker, revealed himself as the operator of the marketplace earlier this month. Rather than hacking Hacker's List, Mayer used a web crawler to scour publicly available information on the site. He found that requests for the most part were unlawful and typically involved a jilted lover or a business dispute.

The other major source of requests related to boosting grades. The type of jobs on offer on Hacker's List won't come as any surprise to professional IT security contractors, who typically draw the line at testing customers' systems with permission as opposed to their customers' rivals. Some say their accounts have been hacked and want us to investigate, and some want us to break into others' accounts who they believe are targeting them for personal and business reasons," said Ty Miller, chief executive officer of Threat Intelligence.

Under Australian law a. Rent-a-hacker site leaks Australian buyers' names and addresses. The Sydney Morning Herald. It's unclear whether the hacking of the tisc. Miller also cautioned people against attempting to hire a hacker to their own dirty work.

Information security.Note: this is not a complete list of all there is. You can also check out our verified list here. Some of the victims wrote online about them:. I will post here a list of hackers for hire which actually they are scammers for hire.

Luner gmail. Only posts good reviews about him online. He has a blog where he advertises…himself? Same guy. After we read the reviews he seems like a scam. If someone has more information regarding those guys should email us in the CONTACT US page so we can reveal more details about them and punish those scammers that pretend to be hackers for hire. You can also check out our verified list here hacker Please Google their URL so you will find out more about how they steal money from people.

This is a huge scam. Check the reports online.


After some investigations we just discovered that is only a scam site. The price itself turn them into a scamming site. Actually it might be a entire chain of websites hackersindelhi.

Probably a guy between 18 — 23 years old. Will come with more details spyhackersforhire. Same guy adnman2 gmail. After we read the reviews he seems like a scam expdxp gmail. Zilchex gmx.

Waugerman hacksville gmail. Like this: Like Loading By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy.This report was last updated on 08 November If you feel it's outdated or incorrect, please report incorrect listing.

Please, check your email to confirm subscription! Don't be hopeful they will deliver what they claim. Read more. The following companies have something in common with Hackershire. Companies Persons Phones. About this report This report was last updated on 08 November If you feel it's outdated or incorrect, please report incorrect listing.

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